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I justed posted this in some other areas and thought I'd add it to this community as well:

This is a work of nonfiction, a story focused on River Phoenix.  It is pretty much a memoir.. The author is reflecting on a past encounter with River Phoenix and is left wondering if he could have made a difference.  I ended up sending the author an email and he actually responded back.  I had hoped for more details that he could share, but he said what's in the story is all that he remembers clearly... and what you'll read will be confirmation of the River we all know and love.

I would have cut and paste, but it's a long story.  A good read :o)


River Vids I found on Youtube.


Found these videos on youtube and thought they were cool.  They're both made to songs written for River.  "River" by Ellis Paul and "River Run" by Suddenly Tammy.  I actually read somewhere that the Suddenly Tammy song was written by the girl when she heard over the news that River had been rushed to hospital.  In the song she begs him not to go...Which makes the ending so much sadder, as he did.  Anyway, enjoy.



River Run


River-Ellis Paul

Hey, was listening to 'River' by Ellis Paul and figured I'd share the lyrics.  to me it's the only song thats ever captured the sadness at his death.


from Stories

While Hollywood sleeps,
A young man is dying
On the concrete of a sidewalk downtown.
As his brother weeps,
The sirens come calling
And the medics feed him lines on the ground.

And they say he’s too young to surrender
And they cry out and call him by name
Their graffiti tells how he’s remembered
Still the river runs on just the same
Run, River, run...

The director speaks,
The cameras are rolling.
A boy steps between the backdrop and the lights.
And he's stealing the scene,
With the crew as his witness.
The whole industry will judge him come academy night

[repeat chorus]

Now the tabloids will say what they want to,
And the cameras will re-enact his fall.
His legacy speaks, but no one can hear it,
'Cause his death has made critics of us all.

His legacy speaks
In the canister rooms,
In the archives of great studio halls.
And there it will keep like a secret that's whispered
Between lovers and those who never knew him at all.

[repeat chorus]

If anyone has the tabs or chords to this song, could they please post them?

Anyone else angry?

Hi!  I'm new round here.  I was nine when River died and I just remember my older cousin crying but when I was in my teens I remembered him and started researching his story.  Now, the more I find out about him the angrier I get.  I know it's the 'elephant in the room' but  why did no one help him?  I just feel like everyone cared so much about 'brand Phoenix' that no one gave a shit about River himself.  To his family he was a meal ticket and a mouthpiece through which they could voice their opinions, their missionary...Well, what about him?  He was over-intelligent and undereducated.  He was barely scoialised and had no idea how to interact with people his own age.  The life his family imposed on him was so restrictive-for this kid rebellion was eating mars bars and drinking diet coke.  He was a sweet naive boy and by forcing him into Hollywood to 'Milk the system' as John Phoenix said later, they basically threw him to the wolves.  And as for 'The Children of God'?  Again the Phoenix clan claim they had no idea what was going on...total B.S.  The clues are all there.  River often claimed he lost his virginity at the age of four, refused to talk about the cult and, later on, would tell the directer William Richert he'd hated his 'child sex life'.  Before filming the scene in 'Stand By Me' where Chris cries River was having trouble getting into character.  Directer Rob Riener took him aside and said "Think about a time when an adult was cruel to you.  When they hurt you or let you down."  River went away and thought about it, came back, the cameras came on and River fell apart.  Speaking about that moment after his death Riener said he'd wished he'd paid more attention to how upset River was, it was obviously a hint of dark things in his past.  That kid was abused.  I don't want to be comforted by River's death, I'm angry at the people who made him sick, the 'kling-ons' and the myth spinners.  River Phoenix was in a crowded room screaming and screaming for help...and everyone ignored him.  When he was offered that vial of clear liquid that night in the mnes room of the Viper Room it came with a promise 'This will make you feel great'. 

I guess he just wanted the pain to go away. 

River, I didn't even know you...But I miss you kid.  what happened to you wasn't fair, I wish I'd been there, I wish i could have saved you from drowning.
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Have a little happy River

I was thinking about River last night and this song popped up on my randomizer :


River Phoenix & Samantha Mathis (his then girlfriend), singing "Blame it on your heart" for the movie "The thing called love". It's supposed to be country, I'm not so sure, it doesn't sound that much different from common pop to me.
It's cute <3
(too bad the sound is mono)
"blame it on your lying, cheating, cold deadbeating, Two-timing, double dealing, Mean mistreating, loving heart"

I need a cheerful shiny happy River icon, instead of the two gloomy emo ones I have.
Bitter ex songs are so much better when they're sarcastic.

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15 years, River.
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